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Notas de prensa

About Sacher cake, strudel and software

Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese KG (Coppenrath & Wiese) relies on Weidmüller’s ResMa® software for its energy management needs

Klippon® RailSnapper

For production to run smoothly, efficient space utilisation and effortless installation are essential. To ensure the proper fastening of the rail to the mounting plate, efficient space must be provided for fixing the DIN-rail with screws or rivets between the terminal blocks.

The L-BOXX installation terminal block starter set from Weidmüller

The L-BOXX installation terminal block starter kit from the electrical engineering and connectivity company Weidmüller – a must-have for every electrician. The L-BOXX is an innovative storage system that ensures order and efficiency in a variety of industrial areas, especially in the skilled trades.

Facilitating sustainability reporting with ResMa

Mid-sized and small enterprises are impacted indirectly by the sustainability reporting directive enacted by the EU. As suppliers to large companies, they will be obligated to provide precise information on the CO2 footprints of their products. With ResMa®, Weidmüller GTI Software offers CO2 accounting even for small and mid-sized companies.

EN 54-4 approval for power supply equipment

Weidmüller’s PROtop and PROmax power supplies and PRO DM diode modules have been approved according to DIN EN 54-4. This means that they may now be used as power supply units for building fire alarm systems – making them a key factor in fire protection.